Ahoy, Palloi. Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash.

As told by Thomas Piketty, Chris Rock, and Albert Einstein.

To create wealth you need to understand 3 basic truths, and put them to work in the way you make, spend, and save your money. If you were born with money, you probably understand them already.

If you weren’t — like me — you’re going to need to figure them…

The best, at work.

I’m doing these 5 things, and you should too.

You can be a better writer than you are today. The key isn’t the talent that powers your first draft, it’s the habits that make the most of the talent you have.

I’ve seen it myself, having committed to the daily practice of writing throughout the Summer. Reading lots of…

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“Roadrunner” sheds light on the sad end of a triumphant life

Anthony Bourdain spent his life looking for something. When he ended that life, not having found it, I was left looking for it too.

I watched Roadrunner last night hoping for clues as to what it might have been, and to answer other questions… What was “Tony” really like? What…

The factory in Poland where all bag salad comes from. Pretty sure. Photo by Sacre Bleu on Unsplash

Big Food is killing us. Bag salad is letting them win.

Thin, healthy people seem to eat a lot of salad. I want to be thinner and healthier, so I need to eat more salad. On my next trip to the grocery store I swing through the produce section, feeling superior to those assholes in the Oreo aisle. …

Know which you’re in, and act accordingly.

There are 5 phases to a great career. They’re not defined by skills, titles, or achievements, but by how the world sees you, and how it responds when it does.

Phase 1: “Who’s Mike Troiano?”

At first you’re nobody, because nobody knows who you are.

If you’re here, you need to get noticed.

At the…

A study in sustained relevance, from a true master.

Mick Jagger goes unnoticed at The Thirsty Beaver in Charlotte, NC on Wednesday night. Amazing.

This week a 78-year old broke the internet with a tweet showing him outside, sipping a beer at a North Carolina dive bar called The Thirsty Beaver. …

My loyal friend, emotional support companion, and life coach, Moka. Photo by Stuart Beeby.

Here’s what I’ve learned from mine.

I’ve taught my dog how to sit, come, and poop outside. She’s taught me how to live better, and your dog can do the same.

Like most people, I fell for my dog first because she was just so stinkin’ cute. Dogs evolved big, expressive eyes to communicate their emotions…

Ms. Holmes, outside the courthouse on September 2. Image property of AFP, used under non-commercial purpose.

I’ve walked up to that line. So have you.

In startup land, you need to spread the bullshit if you want to grow the crop. How do you know when you’ve gone too far?

I’ve been following the Theranos story a little too closely this week. In case you missed it, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur named Elizabeth Holmes raised…

Plus the recipe you’ve been looking for.

  1. It’s best to keep them simple. Fewer ingredients, with focus on the quality of what you include.
  2. We learn to make them from our parents. We watch what they do, and take what we can from it. We taste their mistakes, then make our own.
  3. Something forgotten makes them great…

Crap movie. Great name. Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

Figure out why it matters before deciding what it’s called

Most startup names suck. The reason is naming your startup is not like naming your kid, and most entrepreneurs seem not to understand this.

Naming your kid is a personal and emotional process… sifting through experiences and relationships for inspiration, mining ancestry and cultural identity for symbolic significance. In the…

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