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Five percent of people — the vocal 5% who dominate Twitter and other social media — are obsessed with “Web3.” Another 5% are sick of hearing about it, leaving around 90% of people with no idea what those nerds are talking about.

If you’re in that 90%, and just want…

Ahoy, Palloi. Photo by Carles Rabada on Unsplash.

To create wealth you need to understand 3 basic truths, and put them to work in the way you make, spend, and save your money. If you were born with money, you probably understand them already.

If you weren’t — like me — you’re going to need to figure them…

I like them in the Summer. but I need them in the Fall. Photo by author.

The Margarita is the New Year’s Eve of cocktails: a seeming gift of nature that raises expectations but so often disappoints. While I’ve given up on New Year’s I’ve long pursued the Margarita of My Dreams, and after decades of trial and error have finally found it. …

Hamish Linklater as a mysterious priest in the Netflix series ‘Midnight Mass’ (Eike Schroter/Netflix)

Netflix’ “Midnight Mass” is a scary, sensitive Russian doll of a show; a story that presents a new face as each of its 7 hour+ episodes unfold.

It grabs you with a real and terrifying opening, shifts into an atmospheric morality tale about religious fundamentalism, pivots suddenly into a full-blown…

There are 5 phases to a great career. They’re not defined by skills, titles, or achievements, but by how the world sees you, and how it responds when it does.

Phase 1: “Who’s Mike Troiano?”

At first you’re nobody, because nobody knows who you are.

If you’re here, you need to get noticed.

At the…

My loyal friend, emotional support companion, and life coach, Moka. Photo by Stuart Beeby.

I’ve taught my dog how to sit, come, and poop outside. She’s taught me how to live better, and your dog can do the same.

Like most people, I fell for my dog first because she was just so stinkin’ cute. Dogs evolved big, expressive eyes to communicate their emotions…

Mike Troiano

Venture storyteller, wartime consiglieri, lyrical gangsta. Partner, G20 Ventures, thoughts here are my own.

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