I made mine from sweet potatoes last night, just because I had them.

How to Make the Perfect Soup from Any Delicious Vegetable

5 ingredients and 5 steps to a hot bowl of love.

7 min readJan 13, 2022


January is National Soup Month, (no, really,) and it’s no wonder. What do you need after the 4:30 sunset on a cold, rainy Tuesday more than a hot, delicious bowl of soup? That’ll warm your cockles, along with the respective cockles of those you love and/or are required by law to nourish.

You could open a can, sure. But can you bring people together at the table with the parsimoniously ingrediented, institutionally tinned, and carelessly opened runoff from Big Soup? No, my friend, you cannot. You want something BETTER… something healthy and delicious, made fresh by someone who gave a shit. Or maybe you’re just Italian, I don’t know.

Here’s how to make it easy. It’s not a recipe, not a technique, not even a formula. It’s a lifestyle, and you’re about to embrace it.

The Foundation

There are a few basics you need to have on hand at all times during soup season (let alone the 30-day bacchanal that is National Soup Month.) You probably have them all in your kitchen right now, but here’s the list.



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